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Tenets of the show



A belief in something that is greater than yourself.

It is the one Factor that drives you to make a lasting IMPACT. It's your Why

Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible



A strong desire or emotion for something such that to be deprived from it would cause great direst.  It's the thing you most enjoy, have a nature talent, and are better at than most.

It's your genius talent



The selfless act of giving to another, expecting nothing in return. It may even cost you something to give.

"We simply heed the call of that natural impulse within and follow it where it leads us.'" - Ram Dass




The measure of the tangible and intangible effects  of one's action or influence.  It's a beautiful thing when you can see the lasting effect of a life lived well and the waves of continued and measurable impact.

- You were born to make an impact -



About FaithFactor IMPACT

At FaithFactorIMPACT our aim is to raise the voice of amazing nonprofit thought leaders, highlight their journey, the organizations they serve and the impact they are having in their communities. It is our hope and belief that by raising their voices and sharing their story, other nonprofit leaders in turn can get REFUELED. RECONNECTED. and INSPIRED.

We interview nonprofit leaders and seek to learn the steps they took to get where they are today.  So we ask leaders to share their journey - their story and how they got to this point in their life's work.

Nonprofit work can be tough and exhausting at times.  Along the way leaders can experience some trails, rough spots, and sticky points which have the potential of derailing ones path. We call these valley moments and seek to hear about these experiences and how we can both be encouraged during our valley moments while also receiving sound advice for things to look out for.

On the show we ask leaders to share their key talents and strengths and how they manage to consistently operate in their "genius zone".  At FaithFactor IMPACT, we believe God has given each individual a genius level talent and operating within this space helps you offer your best to your community and the world.

Synonymous with the name of the show, we ask the ultimate FaithFactor question: What's your faithfactor and how has it influenced you to make an impact?  

As a tent of the show, we are convinced that Faith is the greater factor thatfaith5 causes us to go further in service than we would otherwise go. Your faithfactor keeps you going.  It's your "why".  It's the thing you believe is bigger than you.

Finally, in the last part of the show, we ask the leader to share the top skills and talents they believe are needed to be successful as a nonprofit leader, how they attract and retain top talent in their organization and so much more.  

Ultimately, FaithFactorIMPACT is committed to you, our listener, to bring to you leaders that are passionate, purpose-driven and making a difference.  By listening to their stories you have an opportunity to REFUEL.RECONNECT. and get INSPIRED.


About the Host, Jessie Everline

My Journey

I wrote this myself.  This is part of my story.

I'm the middle child of eight and have been blessed with an awesome family that has been a significant foundation of encouragement and inspiration. You see when we were a young family, after ten years of battling with cancer, my mother's body took a rest and she passed away in her mid-forties.  

This left me and my other siblings, the oldest being 20 and the youngest 4, at a significant juncture in our young lives.  Thankfully, my mother invested quality time and established a firm foundation for us. She taught us the importance of family and the significance of faith in our life. As a result of her wisdom and with the support of our loving family, we've maintained our close connection and are constantly striving to make our mother proud. My mother's passing has a lot to do with who I am today and I'm forever grateful for her. 

My passion

Simply put - I'm passionate about helping nonprofits and have spent 15+ years as part time staff, volunteering, or board member in impact3nonprofit organizations. I've learned a great deal about real service over the years.  What works. What doesn't work and how much I still don't know.
One thing that I'm sure of is by serving in these organizations, I discovered what really living with passion is all about.  The countless moments of inspiration and the amazing work I've seen, always leaves me in awe. I discovered the wonderful things we could accomplish when faith passion service come together and have a meaningful and sustainable impact on our communities.

Where the show Idea came from

The show story started several years ago. The idea came about while I was serving in a board capacity for a small nonprofit and as I looked back during my time in this organization and others, in almost every case, I saw very capable leaders struggle to balance all the demands and competing interest that are so common in nonprofit work. Unfortunately for some of these leaders, it took a toll and they burned out way too soon. They didn't have a sufficient network of peers that could encourage them along the way.

It made me realize that we needed to do something different.  Such rewarding work wasn't supposed to be this way. What would it look like if we could imagine a platform where we could leverage the experiences of others, learn, grow and get timely and convenient inspiration. I asked myself: what if nonprofit leaders could routinely share the stories - their valley moments, strategic approach and forwarding thinking - to be able to refuel one another? That's when the idea for FaithFactor IMPACT was born.

So there you have it.  We started the show to change the trend we saw and seek to create a platform that will make it easier for folks like me and other fellow nonprofit leaders, like you, gain access to a network of thought leaders that could provide weekly insights and inspiration to help you on your journey.

So subscribe to the show, tell your friends and let's go make a difference!

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