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No Valley Can Stop This Nonprofit leader


012: No Valley Can Stop This Nonprofit Leader. Hear Why with Chelsea Elliott






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Highlights from the interview

Chelsea's Journey:


  • Born & raised in Austin, Texas and comes from a community service oriented family
  • Influenced by her family with her mother starting a charter school and then the state association of charter schools and her brother who is researching Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone
  • At 4 years old received her first vision screening and discovered she had rare monocular disease 
  • After a hearing test in kindergarten, 1 year after later, realized she had hearing loss in her right ear
  • Completed a research paper on Helen Keller, who later became her mentor, and got the inspiration to name her self halfHelen, speaking to her hearing and vision loss
  • At 15 years old she had to have her eye removed
  •  Learns about the spot vision screener, a technology that could identify vision loss as early as six months of age
  • This changed everything and was the catalyst for her founding half Helen foundation


Valley Moment:


  • Getting up every morning, looking in the mirror and after 10 years still feeling the heartache of losing her eye
  • The difficulty of staring a nonprofit, not having a formal education in running a business and climbing over the human resources or board management hurdles
  • Finding hope in scripture and choosing everyday to move forward in spite of this feeling


IMPACT Nonprofit Leadership:


  • Greatest influence on her leadership was when she learned about the latest vision technology that could have saved her vision
  •  She was angry so her mother challenges her to go do something about it and she did 
  • For nonprofit leaders to be great they should be authentic, true to themselves, and vulnerable
  • The don'ts of leadership:
    • Don't be a martyr and think you have to know all the answers.  Get help 
    • Don't step back from the obstacles.  Lean into the discomfort.  That's where the magic happens
  • Must have nonprofit leadership skills: Ability to create strategic alliances & how to take their organizations to scale
  • Tip for attracting Top Talent:  Believing with your heart that what you are doing is important and communicate that with passion
  • Chelsea's genius talent: an evangelist and energize others to pursue their passion


Strategic Partnership and Community Work:

  • Currently working on expanding the screening program to San Antonio and Houston
  • By 2018 she aims to have ALL children in Texas are receiving annual high quality vision screening


Chelsea's FaithFactor 

To ensure no other child experiences preventable sensory loss like she did 


2 week sprint to action 


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The Human Fabric: Unleashing the Power of Core Energy in Everyone



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