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Nonprofit leader gets creative: What does Jay Z Have To do With it

nonprofit leader008: What Does Jay Z Have to Do With it? Jennifer Shiley Shares her story





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Highlights from the interview

Shiley's Journey:

  • Growing up and battling being bullied throughout her childhood but finding hope in sports
  • Having a heart for building kids and going into teaching first at an alternative school working with at risk kids
  • Feeling this desire to build something and searching for the right thing
  • Seeing a lack in leadership development at the high school level and seeking to close this gap
  • Finally having the stars align and landing on Young Elites as the answer to her desires
  • Deciding to leave teaching to focus on Young Elites full time  
  • Shepherding over 500 girls successfully through various programs


Valley Moment:


  • Having her living arrangements fall through after moving to Pennsylvania with no money and no family and being very close to living in her car
  • A friend comes to the rescue and gave her a place to stay, some love and encouragement during a very difficult time


IMPACT Leadership:


  • Greatest influence on her leadership has been those days as a college athlete and the teachings of mental toughness
  • Effective leadership is about leading by example.  
  • Lessons from David Marsh, four time Olympic swim coach: listening, communicating ab expectation of excellence and creating a culture of accountability among the team
  • Tactics to attract top talent: Staying honest about the reason for their cause and sharing data to demonstrate the great need
  • Top two must have leadership skills: authenticity and gratitude
  • Shiley's genius talent:  The ability to build a team. 
  • Shiley's struggle: Being present when with family


Strategic Partnership and Community Work:

  • Most successful partnership has been with Davidson Day School. They have aligned interest and complimentary programming
  • Currently leveraging their website which was home grown to engage with their community and raise funds
  • Data driven approach: uses pre and post survey methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs
  • Advice she would give her younger self: reach out to trusted mentors sooner and more often


Shiley's FaithFactor 

Getting to live and make other young people's life better


2 week sprint to action 


Other IMPACT Resources & References


Link to Books mentioned:

Whatever it takes: Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Change Harlem and America

The War of Art: Breaking Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles


Link to Resources & Articles mentioned:

 The Dove Self Esteem White Paper 


Link to find Shiley:


Facebook: Young Elites 

Phone: 704.802.8702





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