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006: What’s the Secret Formula to Leadership with Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan leadership formula006: What's the Secret Formula to leadership with Jonathan Milligan




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Highlights from the interview

Jonathan's Journey

  • Wrestling with questions about what God wanted him to do
  • Taking steps to use his gifts and beginning with teaching high school
  • Exploring his entrepreneurial bent while working  at a call center overnight 
  • Consuming a ton of knowledge, becoming puffed up but taking zero action
  • The moment of reckoning: Saying to himself



  • Taking action, purchasing an investment property and becoming an executive recruiter
  • Continuing to move forward and starting on his journey to blogging and helping others do what they love 


Valley Moment:

  • Attempting to sell a $47 webinar but getting push back from an online community
  • Pushing the product wasn't the wrong thing but needing to check his motives was
  • Lesson learned: Taking a step back and recognizing that relationships are much more important than making a profit


IMPACT Leadership

  • Greatest influence on his leadership was taking the Birkman Method assessment and learning that his is unique and there was no one else like him
  • Lead self then lead others
  • Taking a personal interest in those you lead
  • Asking people about their personal interest, their family and not just focusing on profit and productivity 
  • Culture shapes everything
  • The best companies are not always those that produce the best widget but those that have the best culture
  • The formula for leadership = lead self , lead others
  • Top two must have leadership skills: Written and verbal communication and vision
  • Jonathan's genius talent: Resourceful and taken what he has learned and sharing with others
  • Jonathan's struggle: Numbers & Detail
  • Advice he would give his younger self: Don't be overburdened by discovering God's plan.  Its a journey so embrace it


FaithFactor - He is a steward over his life and keeping his plans in sync with God 


2 week sprint to action 


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