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Loss, Burnout & Digging Wells in Nonprofits

Matt Houston

011: Loss, Burnout, and Digging Wells with Matt Houston





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Highlights from the interview

Matt's Journey:

  • A native Texan.  Raised in Oak Cliff -  a borough of Dallas, Texas 
  • Father influenced his journey.  Inspired him with the spirit of entrepreneurship and service
  • Started his first entrepreneurial venture at 13 after his dad cut the cord and stopped giving him an allowance 
  • Wanted to bridge the gap for disadvantaged students that did not have the resources to prepare for the standardized testing at the high school level
  • Ultimately become the second largest tutoring company in Texas and then expanded nationally
  • From this experience he took his talents and began to volunteer with local organizations to help them build their infrastructure
  • In August of 2015, started Go Beam, an organization that helps nonprofits with business management and strategy


Valley Moment:


  • Losing his father and brother within three months of each other
  • Prior to this he was living the good life and living very selfishly
  • Mourning his families death and turning to alcohol and other things as a coping mechanism
  • This moment made him realize something needed to change.  He switched his focus to family and his faith
  • At his lowest point, connecting with trusted friends and family who supported him through this valley


IMPACT Nonprofit Leadership:


  • Greatest influence on his leadership was his mentor who he learned more about during a leadership retreat while he was in high school
  • Without him knowing it, this mentor knew his father very well and there was instant chemistry
  • For nonprofit leaders to be successful, there must be a solid plan in place that maximizes resources, systems with integrity, proper checks and balances and repeatable process that are based on the purpose and not a person
  • Matt's experience with burnout as a nonprofit leader: burning at both sides of the candle, living out of his truck,  not getting enough rest and not being able to refuel his engine
  • Must have nonprofit leadership skills: Have passion & be relentless
  • Tip for attracting Top Talent:  Be vulnerable, sell your heart and show them how they can be part of the solution
  • Skill set he'd want to gain if he could: contemplate and create strategy like President Barack Obama
  • Matt's genius talent: being a change catalyst and  moving people to action 
  • Matt's struggle: Pride.  When he's too into himself it clouds his judgment


Strategic Partnership and Community Work:

  • Currently working on a mini ted talk with Ignite DFW to discuss how millennials that are technologically savvy can help nonprofit organizations be more efficient


Matt's FaithFactor 

Being an ambassador of faith and finding purpose and mission in that 


2 week sprint to action 


Other IMPACT Resources & References


Link to Books mentioned:

Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty: The Only Networking Book You'll Ever Need

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts



Link to find Matt:

Go Beam

Twitter: @mrmatthouston

Snap chat: mrmatthouston



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