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006:How Tragedy Can Help You Identify Your Leadership Pipeline with Mitchell

mitchell-gibbs006: How Tragedy Can Help You Identify Your Leadership Pipeline with Mitchell Gibbs





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Highlights from the interview

Mitchell's Journey

  • Working with the homeless and finding that he's made the right choices
  • Going from being success in media, communications and advertising to getting "sucked" into nonprofit work
  • Walking into a hospital and learning about a baby rocking program
  • Listening to his heart after getting involved with young children born with HIV & AIDS
  • Working with the homeless and finding that he's made the right choices
  • Spectator or participator. Put up or shut up
  • Finding reassurance that he's where he needs to be


Valley Moment:

  • Facing those who want the homeless to disappear without providing resources
  • Unrealistic expectation that he and his organization will clear the streets of the homeless
  • Lesson learned: Recognizing the need to continue communicating about the challenge but recognizing that others are dealing with the same challenge. We can learn a lot from others


IMPACT Leadership

  • Running a nonprofit vs. a corporation: there are many similarities but the one difference is the options available to motivate your team
  • Greatest influence on his leadership was failure and burnout and how this drove him to identify others who could carry the ball when he could not having those you serve die and looking around to see who steps up in the face of difficulty
  • Defining effective leadership and what separates the good from the great:
    1. There is some chance involved in being a great leader
    2. Believing in the organization you're leading
    3. Being able to parse down the mission and asking the question: Are we meeting the mission?
    4. Staying focused on mission rather than chasing the next funding opportunity
    5. Evaluating if every member of the team is doing their part


  • Top 2 must have leadership skills a nonprofit leader should have: Transparency and ability to communicate your message in a way that attracts resources
  • Tactic he uses to attract top talent: robust interview process
  • Mitchell's genius talent: Building and fostering relationships
  • Mitchell's struggle: The philosophy that some have that people should pull themselves up by their boot straps



Community Work 

  • Partnering with others to bring medical resources to where people live and improving the healthcare of the entire community
  • Show me the money. How Mitchell attracts funders: Identify those who believe in your mission and leverage them to get in front of others to speak on your behalf
  • Advice he would give his younger self: Seek out support and ask for help


FaithFactor - There is something bigger and that gives him purpose


2 week sprint to action:


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Raising More Money: The Ask Event Handbook

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phone number: 512.305.4165



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